Do you have the determination?

Martin Selligman calls it grit or character. Just because you have a goal and a plan will not mean you will succeed. 

In a previous blog I asked the question can we be anything we want to be? The answer is yes, if you really want to be that and have the grit and determination to succeed.

So how do you determine if you have the grit and character to succeed? Well ask yourself how much do you want to achieve your goal? Close your eyes and imagine you have achieved your goal. What does it look and feel like? Can you clearly see yourself and your surroundings. Can you hear the admiration and congratulations of your friends and relatives? How much do you want it? If you want it more than anything, you are halfway there.

Now you have to build and manage the plan that is going to get you there. What do you need to achieve to get there? Map out all the steps you will need to achieve to get to your goal. Set yourself SMART goals for each step. Take care setting your goals to make sure they are challenging, but realistic and you know when you achieve them. All too often we set goals without having a specific measure and we end up losing focus and give up. Every year I would say to my self that was going to get fit this year. That would be the extent of my goal setting. As I didn’t have a measurable end point I would struggle on for a few weeks, not get a washboard stomach and give up telling myself that I don’t have the character to be athletic. 

What I am saying is, is that the goal setting stage is crucial. If you don’t have the time to set your goal carefully and map out the different steps you need to achieve your ultimate goal, then you have to ask yourself how much you want it. 

It is really important to not try to tackle your ultimate goal in one go. The sheer scale of it is likely to overwhelm and you will lose any determination you had very quickly. If you want to succeed point as many small performance goals in as possible. Spend your time focussing on achieving them. 

When things go wrong and one of your goals is not achieved, it is not the end of the world, it was just a performance goal. Allow yourself to be disappointed, but accept that it has happened and move on. Re-energise yourself by imagining life once you have achieved your ultimate goal. Remind yourself why you are doing it. Then reset your performance goal. 

Keep going until you reach your ultimate goal. 

You will have the determination if you want to achieve your goal enough.

Don’t put it off anymore make that dream a reality, you know you want to.

Having a coach really helps you focus on your goal and helps you keep focus.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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