What has 2019 done for me?

2019 has been quite an eventful year. It would not be an exaggeration to say it has been an emotional roller-coaster.

My family throughout this have been my rock, in particular those 2 fine young men above, who have shown me how incredible and vital life is.

Earlier in the year (around April time) my mum became ill. Mum had never really had any serious illness before so this really shook us as a family. It made me realise how precious our time is together on this earth. To cut a long story short she is physically a lot better now, but has had to adjust her life and how she views it. Something that all of us, but more so my Mum is grappling with. I ring my her most days now, instead of once every now and then. It made me realise how important her love is to me (sorry if I made you cry Mum). Most of my spring and summer was spent travelling backwards and forwards to Mum’s. As a result spring and summer just flew by.

The summer saw Ben’s band playing two really important and big gigs. They played Hulls local festival in August and then played Bonus Arena supporting another local band (Bud Sugar). As you can suspect I cried on both occasions (tears of pride).

In September Ben left home, and moved to Manchester to start his journalism degree. That first week was so hard. What made it harder was that I realised that in another year we would be waving goodbye Jack who will be going off to University. The thought of this just feels so scary, our lives will then have changed forever. I am so proud of both my boys so Ben leaving home and Jack preparing to leave is a source of great celebration too. We have done a good job and they are an exceptional pair.

October was a double edged sword. I started my dream job as Coaching Lead and Senior Organisational Development Practitioner. This is the job that just fits my personality, I was so excited to start and then I got ill, not sure what it was, but it eventually showed that I have pre-diabetes and need to start looking after myself. So new job, and quite literally new lifestyle.

The end of October saw some happiness, as we celebrated a milestone birthday for Lisa by spending a couple of days in York, a much needed distraction and break.

That is the thing about this year and has been a year of change, especially the second half. Now don’t laugh at me, but when I was on a course the other week I had my cards read. That said I was at the beginning of a great change and all I had to do was embrace that change and start moving. Now I don’t normally pay attention to that kind of stuff but to be honest I am going with these, because that is what it feels like. This half of the year has been difficult, my mum’s illness, my illness, new job, Ben leaving home, and Jack leaving soon. My life is changing whether I like it or not my choice is to make a success of that change. Yes this year has been tough but essential, even inevitable, what I do next is vital. I could sit back and let stuff happen, or do as I have been doing and start writing my own story.

So come on 2020, what adventures shall we go on this year. I have got some ideas, lets have some fun and be remarkable.

What ever you are doing next, make it heartfelt, make sure you learn something new, make sure it is worthwhile, and if it doesn’t wok, take note make adjustments and start again. Most of all do it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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