What are my plans for next year?

Over the past few blogs I have talked about how to create the right environment for change, and how to improve your chances of success. So I thought I would share with you what I am planning for the year ahead.

To be honest most of these plans I have started already, but I am planning on completing them or moving them on at a pace (some of them are more long term).

So here is my list for this year:

  • Continue to lose weight and reverse this pre-diabetic state
  • Complete the Strategic Coaching and Mentoring Diploma
  • Finish the Connected Living Book and start process of getting published
  • Write an internal coaching and mentoring course
  • Introduce myself to the world as a Coach, Facilitator and Motivational Speaker.

Continue to lose weight and reverse this pre-diabetic state

Well I started this journey in November and have lost about half a stone. My plan is to adjust my lifestyle and make a permanent change to how I live, rather than go on a strict diet to lose weight. As mentioned on many occasions having an away from goal such as losing weight is often doomed with failure. Having a towards to goal is much more likely to achieve success. Therefore my goal is to have a lifestyle that improves my chances of having a healthy old age and being able to enjoy being an active Grandparent for my future Grandchildren. This is a long term goal with a downward trend in weight to measure it along with 6 monthly blood tests to establish if I am reversing this pre-diabetic state. I want to hit my ideal weight of 12 stone by March 2021.

Complete the Strategic Coaching and Mentoring Course.

Again this is something that started in 2019 that will come to a conclusion in May 2020. I am just in the process of completing unit 4 of 7. There are 7 assignments all around 3500 words long, these assignments come every 6 weeks for 42 weeks, so the pace is sort of relentless. The pay off for this is that it will better place me to establish a robust coaching and mentoring culture within the organisation I work. It is giving me the insight and skills to develop a policy for coaching and mentoring and how to connect this with the strategic direction of the organisation. It will also support me with my private coaching practice, with regarding expanding my offer to more executive coaching and how executives can influence the culture of their organisation with a coaching and mentoring approach.

Finish the Connected Living book

This has been an ongoing project of my for a while now. I am over half way through the overview. So over the first half of the year I will be completing the overview, before editing and expanding the chapters for it to be ready as a finished product to share by the end of year. The next aspect then will be working out how to get it published. At the moment though I concentrating on being near finishing it before I put a lot of effort into thinking about publishing it. All I plan to do is finish writing it this year, and then getting it published in 2021. This is a labour of love, which outlines my philosophy when coaching and mentoring people, it is also a very useful guide to how to manage your life. So for all of you that have been supporting me with this, thank you and it is still a thing.

Write an internal coaching and mentoring course

This is something I will be starting from fresh in 2020. I have had some ideas and have been researching how to get it accredited (as this will inform structure and content). This will be a course for employees of the organisation I work for to support the development of the coaching and mentoring culture and ensure the ongoing growth of our coaching and mentoring network. It is going to be a tall order to get this completed and accredited in a year, however by the end of the year I plan to have a functioning and active course that is ready to be accredited. A lot of work but achievable, having a fully accredited course by the end of the year I feel is too much. But starting a pilot is very possible.

Introducing myself to the world as Coach/Facilitator/Public Speaker

This is a mindset shift for me. I am already a coach and a facilitator internally for the organisation I work for, I have also spoken at a conference internally. I am a coach externally but at a low key level. This year I want to raise my profile and reduce the hindering words I tell myself, that limit my ability to sell my skills to a wider public. I know I am a skilled communicator and have a lot of experience coaching a wide range of people. I am a highly skilled facilitator, creating a rich learning environment for the participants. The feedback I get on a consistent basis tells me this. I have also noticed my skills evolving and having had car crash sessions (both coaching and facilitating) I know what good and bad feel like. I can communicate my subject matter effectively so I know I can command an audience for a short time at a conference. Leadership, coaching, mentoring, human factors (risk management) and personal effectiveness are the areas I can speak on and facilitate with confidence. So over the next year you will be hearing a lot more from me, pushing my skills and offering my services via social media and on a one to one basis.

If you want to get in quick and hire me before I become to popular feel free to message me.

So that is my year. What are you going to be up to?


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