Keep being curious…..

Keep being curious…..but be curious to increase your understanding and challenge you bias, rather than to judge and confirm your bias.

I was reading a lively debate on LinkedIn (remember don’t judge) last night about white privilege and how the UK is set up in favour of the white middle class, heterosexual, able bodied man. It was fascinating watching people’s fragility and assumptions unfold, including my own, only I kept mine in my head and did not jump in to defend my previously unearthed biases, unlike some. What I noticed was one contributor who, was being curious and was genuinely engaged with the debate, but was not willing to understand the authors point of view and lived experience, and was only willing to judge from their own viewpoint. Now it is perfectly fine to have an opposing view, however when you enter into a debate with someone of the opposing view, you have to be willing to listen and understand, it may change you view completely but it will add to the view (this cannot be a bad thing). By entering into debate you are also enriching the knowledge and experience of those debating with you also.

Listening with fascination will always add to your world view even (especially) if you don’t like what you hear. We learn when we are uncomfortable and challenged, we don’t learn when we surround ourselves with people and media that confirms our biases and world view.

Up until a few years ago, I would only listen to music that I considered worthy, and music my peers enjoyed. This was predominantly guitar based rock music, with the odd guilty pleasure. With the advent of streaming services and my children’s interest in music, I started to listen to music that I would never consider worth listening to. If you are a regular reader of my blogs you will know how important music is to me. However having a more diverse music taste has encouraged me to be more curious, and mentally move away from my comfort zone, to learn. I never realised how much amazing music is out there to listen to, until I started to look. So I started to apply it to my view of the world, it is uncomfortable and exposing at times. I have not reached some nirvana where I am truly enlightened, it is a struggle sometimes and I do notice myself living within my silo of comfort. The difference is I know it exists and that there is an alternative destination if I choose to look for it.

Now this blog was an excuse to introduce a new playlist I put together to highlight my curiosity for all things that are new. There are some great tracks by some truly talented new bands. Black Midi, Celeste, and Mura Masa a few to look out for.

If you have spotify enjoy, if you don’t look a few up on you-tube or maybe just follow your own curiosity


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