28/03/20 Boris, Disney, and coughing

Well it turns out I have something in common with Boris. Get well soon Boris and Matt. This disease does feel like a juggernaut relentlessly rumbling around the world in an unstoppable wave of destruction. The only way to beat this is to stay inside as much as you can. Reducing contact reduces the ability for the virus to spread.

That brings me to Disney, in a feverish haze the other day I signed up for Disney+ for a bit of escapism. Since then I have been watching Marvel films. What we need are our own Avengers to kill off this virus. Maybe that is the answer all of us can be our own Avengers. It is time for us all to pull together and fight it. The most heroic thing to do is do nothing, stay at home. If you have kids who are struggling to stay in, play to their sense of justice and community. If they stay in they are saving the planet. If they are little dig out or make up their super hero outfit. Give everyone in your house a super hero name. So come on let’s do this let’s save the plant and be our own super heroes. Mine is Wheezy the Coughing Crusader.

An update on my symptoms, yesterday morning was awful, my temp was up and felt dreadful. By the afternoon I started to feel better and since then I have had waves of coughing and high temperature. Thankfully these waves only last minutes rather than hours. Overnight I developed a new symptom of nausea overnight. I am only day 4, but I do feel I am improving. Onwards and upwards.

Remember let’s all be our own super hero. So from Wheezy The Coughing Crusader “Avengers Assemble”


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