What is a successful life?


Is a successful life measured by the value of what you own? For many of us I suppose it is. The problem with that concept is that, what you have is never enough and you can get caught in the trap of always striving for more and never actually enjoying what you have.

Now many of my blogs are dedicated on setting and achieving goals, which is striving for what you don’t have. On face value that is correct, if all you do is strive for a goal that you will never reach and not pay attention to what is happening now.  When you are setting goals it is important to have short term goals that pay attention to the here and now. It is vital that you enjoy your journey to achieving your goal. If you are happy in your journey you are more likely to achieve your goal.

There is no point measuring your successful life on your deathbed. Isn’t it much more satisfying appreciating each small success you have throughout your life. Enjoy your successes as you travel through your life. You will be happier, which increases your creativity, which in turn increases your success.

Now, what do you consider to be success? Is it just earning a shed load of money, driving a swanky car and living in a fancy house? Of course it would be lovely to be rich, but to be honest most of us won’t be. Is success setting out to achieve your goals and achieving them? For me, it is not what the achievement is, but more that it was challenging and you achieved it.

To be a success you needed to have achieved a goal that is something you really wanted, it makes an impact on your life and takes you out of your comfort zone.  28 years ago I started my Nurse training and 25 years ago I qualified as a Registered General Nurse. As anyone that has ever undertaken nurse training will tell you, being a student nurse takes you out of your comfort zone on a daily basis for 3 years, and then beyond once qualified. Becoming a Nurse was my first success as an adult. I am not rich or world famous, but I have still had a successful life so far. Now I am striving to be an effective coach and help people recognise their own personal success. Every coaching session takes me out of my comfort zone, and gives me a sense of achievement once I have finished, giving me a feeling of success on a regular basis. There is nothing better than having that feeling that you have achieved something.

Take time to set your goals, remembering to that they must be heartfelt, have impact, and be challenging. If they meet these requirements you are much more likely to achieve them, enjoy achieving them and therefore be successful.

Always keep striving, but remember to enjoy the journey.

If you want to discuss how you will set and achieve your goals, get in touch.






Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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