My Top 20 Albums

On Friday I saw a few lists on Facebook of people’s top 10 bands. That got me thinking about how important music is in my life.

Since I was a young child music has played a huge part in my life (listening to it, I have no talent when it comes to producing it), and I am certain I am not alone. Whenever I need some head space I will put my headphones on and disappear to another world.

I will often use music to reflect my mood and reinforce how I feel. It gives me a sense of belonging (I am not alone in feeling this way, especially during my teenage years). However there was often times when I wanted escapism and entertaining, to transfer me to a world that was better than the one I was in. I tried to make a list of my top 10 favourite albums. The albums that have had the most influence on me. That was just so hard  to do so I came up with 20 albums that I have listened to and have influenced my out look on life. There is a bit of a mixture in genres. This is the music that has spoken to me the most over the past 40 years.

I found the whole exercise of reminiscing about my changing tastes in music very enjoyable, in fact I am going to have to go back through my back catalogue and listen to all these albums again. No doubt in another week I will have a list of 50 albums that have influenced me. In fact I can think of at least 10 more albums I could include.

Below is the list of the albums not in any particular order. Feel free to comment or even come up with you own list if you haven’t all ready. It is a great way to improve your mood, make you smile and give you a positive view of life.

All Aboard – Various Artists (this is my guilty pleasure the best children’s album ever)

all aboard

Infected- The The


Eat Em and Smile – David Lee Roth


Led Zeppilin III – Led Zeppilin


A Farewell to Kings – Rush


Songs From The Big Chair – Tears For Fears


Van Halen – Van Halen


Mind Bomb – The The


In Rainbows – Radiohead


The Bends – Radiohead


Rainbow Rising – Rainbow


Park Life – Blur

park life

Blur – Blur


10 – Pearl Jam


Joe’s Garage – Frank Zappa


Welcome to The Pleasuredome – Frankie Goes to Hollywood


Born In The USA – Bruce Springsteen


Grave Dancers Union – Soul Assylum


Odelay – Beck


Hotel California – Eagles



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