01/04/2020 My faith in humanity is confirmed

What a truly lovely bunch of people we all are. Over the past week I have witnessed how kind and compassionate people are. I have had messages every day from people I have known for years and from people I have never met. All of them wishing me well and showing genuine concern for me. Many of them grateful for me sharing.

I am grateful to every single one of you. You have all lifted my spirits and helped me through the past week. I hope that in some way me sharing my diary is helping you.

The news is frightening, and social media is littered with misinformation and scaremongering.

So we all need moments of positivity. There is a lot of positivity on social media. Facebook has some wonderful groups that offer support for people both practically and emotionally. In fact you may be reading this blog via one of those groups. There is also plenty of content via YouTube and other streaming sites. My message to you all and me, is to grasp these offers to lift your spirits. If you are stuck at home start to be creative, and think about things differently. When my children were little I used to get them to lay down on the floor at the top of the stairs and look up. It seems a little silly, but trust me, doing this helps you change your perspective and see the world differently. The options are boundless. Try sitting on the floor in the kitchen and look around, or on the floor in front of the TV looking out at the room. You will notice things you have never seen before. It might spark some inspiration to start a new project, you might notice that you missed a bit when you were decorating. You can apply this to almost anything once you have practiced it. So if are struggling with an issue, start with changing you position within the space you are in. That might be standing up, laying down, or walking around the garden. Doing something that sparks a shift in your perspective might just help. If nothing else, it breaks up the boredom.

I hope that helps some people, I do it all the time when I am struggling to solve something.

I have not mentioned my symptoms, mainly because it is starting to bore me. I still have my cough this morning, my chest is hurting but I don’t feel as unwell today. So I will take that and hope things improve throughout the day.

So have a good day. Now go lay down at the top of the stairs and see your home from another perspective.

I have just realised what day it is. Trust me this is not an April fool it does work.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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