18/07/20 Trying to get back to some normality

It has been nearly 4 months since my symptoms began. They are much improved, they do not have a huge impact on my life anymore, however they are just not present enough to irritate. I get breathless, have headaches, indigestion mind fogs, and moments of irritation and anxiety. I have decided to live with thisContinue reading “18/07/20 Trying to get back to some normality”

18/04/2020 I have done absolutely nothing today.

I woke up this morning at my usual weekend time of 7 am, and I felt quite well. I had no headache, no pain in my chest, no cough, and no breathlessness. Now I have been here before so I did not want to count my chickens. But it was quite a welcome relief, IContinue reading “18/04/2020 I have done absolutely nothing today.”

Feeling battered and bruised

Today is day 9 of my quarantine, and I am feeling better, my cough was less aggressive overnight. I now feel battered and bruised, I feel breathless and my chest really hurts this morning. It is as if I have been kicked in the chest. I can take paracetamol for the pain and I canContinue reading “Feeling battered and bruised”

01/04/2020 My faith in humanity is confirmed

What a truly lovely bunch of people we all are. Over the past week I have witnessed how kind and compassionate people are. I have had messages every day from people I have known for years and from people I have never met. All of them wishing me well and showing genuine concern for me.Continue reading “01/04/2020 My faith in humanity is confirmed”

29/03/20 This is day 5, apparently it peaks at day 5

Yesterday I felt bored. I managed to watch 4 films and was bored out of my skull. This I my book was a good thing. This meant I was feeling better, which meant I was nearer recovering and getting back to work. So day 5 wasn’t going to be so bad after all. Well soContinue reading “29/03/20 This is day 5, apparently it peaks at day 5”

28/03/20 Boris, Disney, and coughing

Well it turns out I have something in common with Boris. Get well soon Boris and Matt. This disease does feel like a juggernaut relentlessly rumbling around the world in an unstoppable wave of destruction. The only way to beat this is to stay inside as much as you can. Reducing contact reduces the abilityContinue reading “28/03/20 Boris, Disney, and coughing”

Look after yourself by caring for others

There is plenty of research that shows caring for others actually restores us and improves our own sense of well-being. We are a social species, therefore concern and care for the well-being of others is a biological need and necessity. If you are worried and anxious, one strategy for alleviating this is connecting with people,Continue reading “Look after yourself by caring for others”