12/04/2020 Happy Easter

I have always loved Easter, it has always felt optimistic to me. There is always the promise of warmer days ahead. Cherry blossom is in full bloom, there air smells fragrant with the scent of flowers, the sun feels warm on the skin and there is lots of chocolate.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

I woke this morning about 6 am, the sun was coming up there was a dew on the grass and the birds were in full song. What a glorious morning to lift my mood and shift my thoughts from the tragedy in the world to the beauty of the moment.

The news seems to get worse everyday, with 2000 people losing their lives in one day in the USA, sedatives used in Intensive Care in short supply in the West Midlands, and the death rate in the United Kingdom exceeding 10000. It is easy to say ‘turn the news off’ but we cannot sit in a bubble of false positivity. We have some how got to find a balance that keeps us informed without completely consuming us. It is important to be optimistic for the future without constantly looking for a silver lining that just is not there. If we constantly look for positives we will soon become disheartened and lose all sense of optimism.

I know I keep going on about it, but spending more time in the moment than in the future or the past is so important. It does give you a balanced view. Too much time in the future will always end in a loss of optimism. The future is either terrible or wonderful depending on your mindset, it is never real. What we do know about the future is that it will happen. It might be good, it might be bad, more than likely it will be both in parts as our present is. If we spend too much time in past we do nothing other than wish for a time that will never return, or be fearful to act so as not to repeat our past failures. The past is useful to use as a reference point and as a place of momentary sanctuary, but should never be a place of permanent residence. Spending time in the future is important when setting and planning goals, it is always useful to imagine your future destination, but again should not be a place of permanent residence. The present (I know I am repeating myself, but it is important) is real and therefore is the only important place of residence. So spend most of your time there. Appreciate what you have, notice what you haven’t got, be aware of what is happening in the wider world, and do what you need to do right now that will make the future that be easier for you when it becomes your present.

The sun has gone in now, it is still a lovely day, the sun will come out again, and the clouds will come back and it will rain at some point in the coming days. Things will be good and will be bad that is a given, how you respond to them is purely up to you.

I hope you have a good Easter Sunday.

Just a quick update on me, each day is easier, although I am still struggling to do anything that involves physical effort for longer than 30 minutes. Yesterday I spent the morning pottering after writing my blog. I emptied and filled the dishwasher, and made some holes in bottle tops to make a wind charm by lunchtime I was shattered, I had a headache and was breathless. I am hoping I will have more energy today, my chest is sore today but I am not overly breathless.

Take it easy today everybody, and stay safe.


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Performance and Life Coach

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