Don’t be a knob (23/01/22)

It has been a difficult week, but right now I am beginning to feel optimistic. I have had some tough staff support conversations this week. People are tired, after nearly two years they are still experiencing extremely challenging, often harrowing events. To top it all we seem to be suffering from a pandemic of intoleranceContinue reading “Don’t be a knob (23/01/22)”


Boris, shouting at the TV, couch to 10k, and dancing like no ones looking

What a week for getting the blood boiling, the news has been filled with lockdown parties at No. 10, and Boris Johnson trying to avoid all accountability. On top of that the not so Grand Old Duke of York and his alleged predatory behaviour, oh and I nearly forgot Novac Djokovic and his attempt toContinue reading “Boris, shouting at the TV, couch to 10k, and dancing like no ones looking”

First Week of the year, lateral flows and critical incidents (08/01/2022)

2022 is only a week old and it already feels exhausting. There is just so much happening it seems, the noise from the news is deafening, and then we have our own lives to deal with. Its only January 8th and I feel like I want to take myself to bed until March. I don’tContinue reading “First Week of the year, lateral flows and critical incidents (08/01/2022)”

New Year…so far 2022 seems depressingly familiar (03/01/2022)

As we enter another pandemic dominated year, I thought I would re-start my regular blog, for a few reasons. One reason is for posterity, as a piece of history alongside all the other blogs and diaries written by countless others around the world. I did this back in 2020 and recently I self published thoseContinue reading “New Year…so far 2022 seems depressingly familiar (03/01/2022)”

There is just a lot going on

Last weekend I felt overwhelmed, I had so many things going round my head. The week before had been my Mum’s 80th Birthday, and we had all travelled to see her. It was a lovely celebration full of emotion. Spending precious time with family is so special. I had placed so much importance on theseContinue reading “There is just a lot going on”

Is it time to untangle yourself from a past that no longer serves you?

I wrote a tweet earlier this morning suggesting that it is possible to learn to untangle ourselves from from the failings of our past, to allow us to act to create a compelling future. Yes it is possible, if you are as tangled up as I am though it is going to take a while.Continue reading “Is it time to untangle yourself from a past that no longer serves you?”

Lead a satisfying, fulfilling life at home and work.

Effective leadership starts with yourself. Being a selfless heroic leader may well be effective in the short-term, but as a long-term solution it will only end in you burning out and a dramatic reduction in your performance as a leader. If you want to see long-term improvement in your performance as a leader, and seeContinue reading “Lead a satisfying, fulfilling life at home and work.”

Improve Your Civility With Self-Care

When we are not feeling good about ourselves, it is all so easy to project our emotions onto those around us through rudeness and generally being unpleasant. Conversely self compassion results in compassion towards others. If you are noticing that you are more short tempered than usual. If you are feeling intolerant of people aroundContinue reading “Improve Your Civility With Self-Care”

Switch Your Aerial to Receiving and Transmitting Mode

Over the past few months I have been speaking to a lot of people across healthcare, individually and in teams. Sometimes reflecting on their experiences and other times looking forward to what is next for them. I have asked them a lot questions about what has been challenging, what has been helpful, what they wantContinue reading “Switch Your Aerial to Receiving and Transmitting Mode”

Maintaining Balance and Perspective

Balance and perspective have been themes for me this week. The coaching conversations I have been having, have all been related to balance and perspective, and how it is so easy to lose track of either and get caught in a cycle that has a negative effect on our well-being. These attacks on our well-beingContinue reading “Maintaining Balance and Perspective”