19/07/2020 Sunny Sunday morning writing, blogging and listening to podcasts

It’s Sunday morning, so the usual happened, Holly (my dog) woke me up at 6:30, she was hungry and lonely. I could have gone back to bed I suppose, but the sun was shining, so I got up. I thought about writing a blog at that point, but I really did not have anything to say, and I just could not be bothered, so I watched highlights of the FA Cup semi-final (Arsenal v Man City). I keep trying to engage with football now it is back, but to be honest the TV experience of football is very much dependent on a crowd. I just cannot get into it. Now watching football in person (live) is a completely different experience, the size and noise level of the crowd is much less important for me, but being removed in my own space, I require a large crowd experience. I suppose that is why they add the crowd noise, but it still does not work for me. Therefore after a couple of minutes I lost interest. I then watched a documentary about the first residential recording studio based on a farm, called Rockfield. Now that was much more engaging, I thoroughly enjoyed it. What grabbed me was not all the rock stars that had recorded there, it was the story of the brothers that founded the studio and their story of adaptation and agility of the decades that has seen them survive. They have never been there to make money or be really famous. It is apparent that the experience of living and providing an experience for the people they come in to contact with seemed to be their driving force. No doubt they have a just cause that keeps them going, as it is clear something bigger than them and the musicians that use the studio, that keeps this space going. If you want to watch it check it out on the BBC iPlayer.

After that gradual wake up, I took the dog for a walk and did a few chores, by the time I got upstairs to Jack’s old bedroom that is morphing into my office I was breathless, wheezy and had a banging headache. I was determined this was not going to get in the way of this glorious morning. I opened the window to let the outside seep into my space, filling the room with a cool breeze, and the sound of birdsong. I put my favourite radio show on (The Radcliffe and Maconie Show on 6 Music), opened my computer and started to think about what I was going to write. Now I have chapters still to write for my book, I have an assignment to write for my strategic coaching course ( well I have to tweak what I have written), and I have to review my slides and plan for next weeks webinar, and I have the prospect of writing a blog. When it comes to my own work (work that I do not currently get paid for, unfortunately, but maybe one day soon) I have a rule of following my interest, rather than following what I have to do. The assignment technically sits in the work work world, so it has to be done, but not today. Therefore I dismissed that for now. So I opened up what I had written so far in my book file. That was it, I was in, and just started writing and adjusting stuff in the content. This should have been a perfect moment. Now it was almost perfect, what was getting in the way, was what I was physically experiencing. My breathlessness, chest pain and headache, were just taking my attention. When it takes my attention I pause ( I have just done it now whilst writing this) and pick up my phone to do something mundane. I procrastinate for a few minutes either scrolling through social media or by posting a picture on instagram. Then I am back in the moment and go back to writing. The music helps to. I ended up finishing the chapter. I will take that as a win today. So I saved that file and moved on to follow my interest.

I am now writing this blog listening to a Simon Sinek podcast, I am sort of half listening, half writing. In between I am still having to pause as I lose concentration when I notice my chest pain and headache again.

In spite of feeling a bit pants today, I am taking this morning as a win. I have done what I wanted to do. The breeze is lovely, the sunning is shining and I am feeling productive and inspired. Living in the moment, choosing to be positive and following your interest and vital for our well-being.

If you are finding it hard to see the positive and live in the moment, then reach out and find support. I am running a series of webinars that concentrate on how we manage our lives. Click on the link below to book you place on the first webinar and get the next 2 for 3.


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