18/07/20 Trying to get back to some normality

It has been nearly 4 months since my symptoms began. They are much improved, they do not have a huge impact on my life anymore, however they are just not present enough to irritate. I get breathless, have headaches, indigestion mind fogs, and moments of irritation and anxiety.

I have decided to live with this and attempt to improve my lifestyle. It can not not help. So last week I started running again. The first couple of times I ran/walked for a mile. Today I decided to get some more structure today my training by downloading the BBC couch to 5k app. Just over halfway through I realised I have I have to go with my recovery. I found it really challenging, I have been back about 20 minutes and I am still feeling it. The endorphins are flowing however and I am feeling restored.

This week Uncle Boris said we could go back to the workplace in August, at work we have been preparing to welcome back staff that have been working from home and more importantly welcoming our colleagues that have been shielding. I went into our office last week to do my bit to making it COVID secure. This I discovered is a modern term for tidying you crap up. I might suggest that Jack makes his bedroom COVID secure.

When I went back to the office for only about the 4th time since all this began, I felt quite nervous and unsure of myself. If felt like a new boy. I have been talking to a lot of my people feeling that way, for feeling unmotivated and just worn out. We are realising that learning how to live and operate differently is mentally and physically exhausting. We do not realise how much we take for granted, until we have to do it differently. That was is one of the reasons why I have put on my connected living webinars, to help us all centre ourselves, learn how to connect with people that will help us and help us cope with all the changes that are going on around us. You can find the link on this website or on my Facebook page.

Stay safe everyone and remember if you are feeling out of sorts you are not alone.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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