Chapter 4: How do you prefer to behave

Below is the outline of Chapter 4, please feel free to critique it for me. I do however have a fragile ego, so personal messages for critiques are much appreciated. No doubt the grammar is a little rough and I will be going over that again. Feel to tell me what you think of theContinue reading “Chapter 4: How do you prefer to behave”

How I made my resolution count

Well it is that time of year again, the time of year we start talking about the resolutions we are going to make in the New Year. For years I would make a resolution that I would give up smoking. I made that resolution nearly every year for over 20 years, sometimes my resolution wouldContinue reading “How I made my resolution count”

My Christmas

I hope you all had the Christmas Day you were expecting. My day started at 6 am, whilst the rest of the family were still sleeping I got up (I still get excited about Christmas Day) to bake bread. This year I made bread rolls after my less than successful loaf last year. As itContinue reading “My Christmas”

Ugly Crying

The other day I made the mistake of watching Toy Story 3 alone. Oh god it was carnage. Now I enjoy this film and I also know being a sensitive soul I generally shed a tear at the end. Normally however there are members of my family around me, namely my sons who will haveContinue reading “Ugly Crying”

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you! Remember to have the Christmas that really plays to your values. Have the Christmas that sits comfortably, the Christmas that feels warm, cosy, familiar and natural. For me that means getting up at 6:30am and baking some bread, wearing the traditional Christmas morning outfit, my Christmas onsie. Whilst waitingContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

Connected Living Book Outline The Story So Far

So I know I said I might not show you the rest of Chapter 3 but I thought I might share what I have so far so you can read it all together if you have not yet managed to read any of it. Once I have finished it all I will then go backContinue reading “Connected Living Book Outline The Story So Far”

Doing what I love and connecting with my core values

This week has been fairly special doing all the things I love. I have facilitated group clinical supervision with a team of wonderful nurses, facilitated a team time out, spent time supporting colleagues with some very difficult experiences, coached twice, introduced clinical supervision to Health Care Assistants at their conference with my very special friendsContinue reading “Doing what I love and connecting with my core values”

A sneak preview of chapter 3

Below is the first half of Chapter 3, exploring why we might avoid vulnerability. Let me know what you think. If you want to know how to embrace your vulnerability you will have to wait until the book is done, I don’t want to share too much.. Chapter 3 Do you embrace your vulnerability? TheContinue reading “A sneak preview of chapter 3”

Connected Living (what I have so far)

If you have read the outline of my first 2 chapters, thank you. I thought now I would offer you them together to give you an idea how they flow. I am going to put it out there now, that I am thinking once I have finished writing¬† the whole book I might try crowdfundingContinue reading “Connected Living (what I have so far)”