Always Dad

Dad is one of those titles, that once you have been given it, it is yours for life, no matter what. You will always be a Dad! There are however good Dads, bad Dads or indifferent Dads. From a moment your children are born the pressure is on to be the protector, provider and roleContinue reading “Always Dad”

The next stage of my coaching career

Today I took the next tentative steps into the part of my coaching journey. As I mentioned before in December I became the coaching lead for the NHS trust I work for. This involves developing a coaching and mentoring network throughout the organisation. This has taken me out of my comfort zone on a numberContinue reading “The next stage of my coaching career”

Do you consider yourself a leader?

Are you a leader? I bet there are a lot of you that would either say no or have to think hard about your answer? Do you take responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and do you have the courage to develop that potential? If you answered yes to that question, thenContinue reading “Do you consider yourself a leader?”