Being a Coachee, Supervisee, and Coach

Last Monday I had my own coaching session. It has been a while since I was last coached. I have a new coach who is quite brilliant, just like my previous coach. Obviously I choose well. Monday was our contracting meeting. I set out my expectations of what I wanted from my coaching and setContinue reading “Being a Coachee, Supervisee, and Coach”

An Easter Gift from Me to You

At the moment I seem to fluctuating between a positive week and a challenging week. This week has been a challenging one. Some of the projects I have running at work have been stumbling and faltering. Nothing unusual just the normal obstacles encountered when undertaking projects. Everything seems to be happening at once I supposeContinue reading “An Easter Gift from Me to You”

Personality, Colour Blocks, and Bacon Sarnies

This morning I realised I hadn’t written a blog about my exciting week last week. I suppose I need to start on Sunday night (last week). I was packing clothes with a sense of excitement, and trepidation as I prepared for 4 days away with work. See I don’t normally get the chance to workContinue reading “Personality, Colour Blocks, and Bacon Sarnies”

A shivering March Mix Tape

On this cold and snowy March morning I thought I would share my warming March mix tape. The music that has sat with me through this month of contrasting temperatures and moods. I put this together based on what has turned up on the radio or in shuffle on my phone. Music that has peakedContinue reading “A shivering March Mix Tape”

A Week Off My Birthday and Foggy

I always book the week of my birthday off. I rarely do anything, but I just like having the time off with nothing in particular planned, a week of chilling out. Well there was certainly a lot of chilling with ‘The Beast From The East’ arriving in the Monday. I had the first few daysContinue reading “A Week Off My Birthday and Foggy”

A Mixtape to Improve My Mood

This week has not been the worst or the most challenging week I have ever had but it was challenging all the same. This week has been a combination of interpersonal challenges, managing my time and workload in relation to being on holiday next week and planning for a busy month, with the addition ofContinue reading “A Mixtape to Improve My Mood”

Introducing The Wonders of Coaching and Reverend and The Makers

At the beginning of the week I had 2 wonderful telephone meetings with the coach that will be delivering the taught aspect of the coaching qualification we are hosting in March. I will be working alongside him getting a feel for delivering the course sometime in the future. As always a conversation with Anthony alwaysContinue reading “Introducing The Wonders of Coaching and Reverend and The Makers”

Painful Heel, no running, play acting and living the dream

Last Sunday, it felt like I had broken something in my foot (I am a big baby when it comes to pain)! It turns out after much drama, involving me limping around the house moaning and whinging that I have plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the plantar fascia, which I think is tendon on the bottomContinue reading “Painful Heel, no running, play acting and living the dream”

Really what kind of week has it been?

Have the weeks been shortened? I am sure we used to get more of week when I was younger. I started thinking about what I had done this week and realised that was the week before! There are so many things I need to do at the moment, that time just seems to fly by.Continue reading “Really what kind of week has it been?”

What kind of week has it been?

What kind of week has it been? Feel free to answer if you wish, the question was initially posed by myself to myself to figure out what I was going to write about today. I woke up this morning at some ridiculous hour for a weekend morning. This is something I do every Saturday toContinue reading “What kind of week has it been?”