Not another blog on coaching!

I imagine there are a number of you out there, that are sceptical of coaching. Is it just another American craze? Coaching is popular in America, however a number of the pioneers in coaching were British. Let me try to explain coaching as I understand it, and how I approach it. As we move throughContinue reading “Not another blog on coaching!”


Now you have your reason, what next?

So you have found a reason to make a change and that reason moves towards a positive future rather than moving away from a negative past. But how do you get to your positive future? What happens next is crucial if you want to make a lasting difference, and not crash and burn in aContinue reading “Now you have your reason, what next?”

Have a compelling reason to change

At some point in our lives I suppose we all decide to change something in our life that we think is unhealthy, or limiting us. For me this has been especially acute as I travel through middle age, and parts of your body don’t seem to work as well as they used to. It doesn’tContinue reading “Have a compelling reason to change”

Are you satisfied with your life

From time to time I feel dissatisfied with my life. I feel I should be more than I am, that I do not live up to my potential. I should have a higher paid job, I should be living in a big house, driving a fancy car, going on exotic holidays. I should be moreContinue reading “Are you satisfied with your life”

Running for my mindfulness

Over the past 2 months I have been running a lot more frequently. I know try to run at least 5 times a week. I generally run 1 to 2 miles each time. Not far I know and to be honest I am painfully slow. I run mostly in the evenings during the week and inContinue reading “Running for my mindfulness”

Free Coaching

How often does someone truly listen to what you have to say? We all need to be listened to without having someone else’s opinion imposed on your thoughts. A coach such as myself will listen to what you have to say on your terms in confidence. A coach such as myself will help you putContinue reading “Free Coaching”

Live in the moment and enjoy your journey through life

Many of you will have realised by now that I use this blog as some kind of therapy, to remind myself how to be to keep myself on an even keel.  With that in mind I thought I would talk about the day I have had today. It has been a good day, bordering onContinue reading “Live in the moment and enjoy your journey through life”

Be Your Perfect Leader

On Monday I facilitated a timeout morning for a group of senior ward Nurses. The subject soon got onto leadership. The discussion centred on how to encourage leadership in the team, to enable staff members to actively seek solutions rather than default to the ward manager, deputy manager or unit co-ordinator, and how to manageContinue reading “Be Your Perfect Leader”