The mix tape of my teen years

The other week I shared 20 albums that have had an influence on me. I had so much fun that I thought I would compile a list of songs that I enjoy and have provided my soundtrack. To provide some parameters I imagined I was putting together a C90 mix tape, to ensure my list did not get too big and unwieldy.

So I tasked myself with putting together a 90 minute compilation that represented a soundtrack of my life. My first attempt was not completely successful. It is safe to say I got a little carried away. It consisted of over a 100 songs and was 7 hours in duration. I must admit it was great fun and triggered loads of wonderful memories. I decided however that music was too important part of my life to expect I could put a soundtrack of my whole life in to 90 minutes. So I put together an initial mix tape of my teenage years with a couple of infiltrators from my childhood.

The songs I have included do not represent important moments in my life, but are more songs that I particularly enjoyed listening then and listening to them some 30 years later has brought a smile to my face. They entertained me then and still do. What is striking is that very few of the songs I listened to at the time were contempary and were often from the previous decade. It is also interesting how much of an influence my older siblings had on my musical taste as well as my peers.

If you have Apple Music you can access the playlist via the link below.

Here is a list with some explanation of the reasons why I included the song.

She Moves Through The Fair-All About Eve: I was in love with Julienne Regan, and this is a beautiful song

Heaven and Hell-Black Sabbath: Ronnie James Dio had an amazing voice, I used to love singing along

Rosalita (come out tonight)-Bruce Springsteen: I heard this on the radio one Saturday night and thought it was brilliant

My Man-Eagles: On the Border is an Eagles album that is often overlooked, and this song is so beautiful

Joe’s Garage-Frank Zappa: Well it wouldn’t be a Matty mix tape without Zappa!

Don’t Say You Love Me-Free: Jonathon Gilmovitch had a Free album and this is my favourite song of the album

Rosie-Jackson Browne: my brother introduced me to Jackson Browne, I could have picked so many of his songs

Tangerine-Led Zeppilin: from my favourite Zep album

Mr Crowley-Ozzy Osbourne: why not

Closer To The Heart-Rush: A prog rock band with heart and soul, and Geddy Lee, the best Bass Player ever (perhaps)

Tempted-Squeeze: Eastside Story is a brilliant album

Breakfast In America-Supertramp: it just reminds me of living in Pippet Close, Gosport

Slow Train To Dawn-The The: I saw the film for the album on channel 4 and thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen

American Girl-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: its such a cool song

Picture This-Blondie: my sister had Parallel Lines so I heard this song most evenings in the late 70s

Darlington County-Bruce Springsteen: this album was my introduction to the boss

Rasputin-Boney M: My dad brought me Night Flight to Venus back from Canada, it is surprisingly entertaining

Don’t Stop Me Now-Queen: Well?!!


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