19/04/2020 26 days since my symptoms began

Today I had planned to be running in the Hull 10K, along with thousands of other people. Instead I have cut the grass. I think I was probably as knackered after cutting the grass as I would have been had I run the 10K. Yesterday I felt nearly normal, well today I cannot say that,Continue reading “19/04/2020 26 days since my symptoms began”


18/04/2020 I have done absolutely nothing today.

I woke up this morning at my usual weekend time of 7 am, and I felt quite well. I had no headache, no pain in my chest, no cough, and no breathlessness. Now I have been here before so I did not want to count my chickens. But it was quite a welcome relief, IContinue reading “18/04/2020 I have done absolutely nothing today.”

17/04/2020 Just in case you were wondering it’s Friday

I missed yesterday, I was too tired and too fed up. Today is a better day. I have been at work on both days, and both days were spent in the staff drop-ins. Yesterday I felt quite ill. There were times yesterday when I felt really ill and other moments when I felt quite positive.Continue reading “17/04/2020 Just in case you were wondering it’s Friday”

15/04/2020 I feel like the new boy

I have been into work today, my second attempt at returning to work. I was really nervous last night as I was last week. I feel like the new boy. So much as changed in the 3 weeks I have been off. It has been 4 weeks since I did my proper job. Just beforeContinue reading “15/04/2020 I feel like the new boy”

13/04/2020 20 days since my symptoms began

Nearly 3 weeks in and I am still experiencing symptoms, albeit a lot less. I must say I am getting a little fed with it. I am still getting breathless going for walks, and still getting headaches. Don’t get me wrong I feel so much better than I did, and when I hear stories ofContinue reading “13/04/2020 20 days since my symptoms began”

12/04/2020 Happy Easter

I have always loved Easter, it has always felt optimistic to me. There is always the promise of warmer days ahead. Cherry blossom is in full bloom, there air smells fragrant with the scent of flowers, the sun feels warm on the skin and there is lots of chocolate. I woke this morning about 6Continue reading “12/04/2020 Happy Easter”

11/04/2020 Preparing for the long haul

Good morning, it’s Saturday, the sun is shining Radcliffe and Maconie ( Weekend breakfast radio presenters on BBC 6 Music) are on the radio, today is starting to feel like a good day. Now there is a lot wrong with the day, which I won’t go into as it is a bit obvious, and weContinue reading “11/04/2020 Preparing for the long haul”

10/04/2020 My Son’s Birthday

Ben my eldest is 20 today. 20! I know, hard to believe! Along with millions of others he is having a birthday in the house. He is making the best of it, but it is not the same as spending it with his friends and girlfriend. He did however point out that he had plannedContinue reading “10/04/2020 My Son’s Birthday”

09/04/2020 Not sure I want to speak too soon, but…

Yesterday physically I felt dreadful. The only good thing yesterday was Doris’ Wholehearted Book Club, the interaction on their really lifted my spirits. It really did put a smile on my face. For a couple of hours I didn’t really care how crap I felt and that it had been 15 days since my symptomsContinue reading “09/04/2020 Not sure I want to speak too soon, but…”