A little story about how I shifted my view of the world.

As I keep talking about making changes in your lifestyle, and the importance of a plan and then having a clear reason why to get through the difficult days, I thought I might share my personal challenge. On Monday 10th of August I vowed that I would embark on losing weight down to a healthy weight. I am really aiming to do this over a year as I have a lot to lose. I have a clear image of what I want to be and feel like rather than focusing on the loss of weight. I have a compelling vision that I have drawn on already. As some days I feel pretty miserable. So far I have lost nearly a stone. But there is a long way to go and there will be days when it does not work out but I have a clear vision of being healthy and being well and happy is age more appealing than a cream cake. Change is hard, the first thing to do is to be very clear what you want achieve and why you want to achieve it.

If I am honest I feel quite vulnerable sharing this story but, I am convinced I will succeed and wanted to share that you can make changes to your lifestyle and mindset.

To get started is never easy and that is where coaching can really help. A coach will help you decide on whether the change in lifestyle is right for you, then help you shift your mindset from one that is entrenched in your status quo to a mindset that is prepared to view your world with a transformational eye. Once you have shifted you mindset it is far easier to see your goal in front of you.

If you keep trying and failing to change your lifestyle, send me a message and we can start shifting how you see your world.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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